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I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.



You know what we don’t talk about enough? The look of absolute devastation, and terror, on Dean’s face seconds after Cas tells him he’s an angel again. He looks panicked, moments before asking him, “and you’re okay with that?”

Look at Dean’s face, and then try and tell me he doesn’t love Castiel with his entire heart.

a good buddy

Just a little detail worth pointing out: All forms of blood are inferior to living human blood for a vampire.  Benny hasn’t had living human blood in a LONG time.  He just bit into a living being but didn’t properly feed, and his adrenaline and bloodlust are jacked.  He’s accountable to no one down here, they don’t get out unless he shows them how, and Sammy boy here - this giant throbbing bundle of human blood - seriously fucked his life, his hometown, his only friend, and damned near got him and his kin killed.  And Benny doesn’t just restrain himself from attacking, which would have been impressive enough.  

His fangs retract.  

Good buddy indeed.




Will you be the John to my Sherlock?
Will you be the Cas to my Dean?
I’ll be Kirk and you can be Spock
And we’ll beat all the other tag teams

You’re the Ginny to my Harry
The Hermione to my Ron
John Winchester to Mary
Carry on my Wayward Son

You’re the Katniss to my Peta
And the Hazel to my Gus
The Derek to my Stiles 
And the Rachel to my Ross

You’re the Scott to my Isaac 
And Kim Possible to Ron
You’ll be the Spike to my Buffy 
By the end of this song

The Cecil to my Carlos
And the Sam to my Gabe
You’re the Doctor to my TARDIS
Cause you are sexy, babe

You’re the Harkness to my Ianto
The Tony to my Steve
the 10 to my Rose
Which I would never leave

The Thor to my Loki
The Crowley to my Hell
The Will to my Hannibal 
The Beast to my Bell

You’re the John to my Sherlock
And the Cas to my Dean
I’m Kirk and you are Spock

And We’re the best OTP

if someone sang this to me there is a 310% chance i wiould marry them

Make Me Choose: Ruby 1.0 vs. Ruby 2.0 (asked by samfallen)


Tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast

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